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Deck and Roof Restoration Process

Without proper maintenance, wood surfaces can
deteriorate through fading, warping, cracking and more.

Wood Maintenance Services

Step 1: Cleaning

We start by thoroughly cleaning the surface (decks, fences, cedar shake roofs, etc.) to remove any existing film and accumulated dirt. Pressure washing provides a thorough cleaning and helps us reach those hard-to-get areas. A typical cleaning takes about two hours and is followed by anywhere from 24 to 48 hours of drying.

Step 2: Application of Sealant

Once the wood is down to a 12 percent or less moisture level, the surface is ready for sealant application. The moisture level is crucial because if the wood contains too much water, it will not accept the sealant.

Most companies will use a sprayer to apply sealant. At Metro Deck & Roof, we provide a more personal touch. Instead of a sprayer, we use a special application pad that pushes the sealant directly into the wood with far more precision and saturation.

The completed project brings renewed warmth and a sense of enjoyment to your home or yard. We recommend resealing your project every two to three years.

Asphalt Roof Maintenance Services

Our asphalt roof-cleaning process begins with the application of an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. The solution acts as a cleaning agent by killing built-up moss and algae, which are the primary causes of asphalt roof streaking and discoloration. When ready, the residue is gently washed away using a safe low-pressure system. The end results are amazing and can take years off the visual age of your roof.

Ready Seal®: The Product of Choice by the Professionals

Durable and dependable, Ready Seal is a plant- and pet-safe sealant that's among our favorites. Oil-based and semitransparent, Ready Seal is both a sealer and a stain. It is a unique blend of resin, pigment, oil and algaecide that penetrates deeply into wood to protect and preserve it from the harsh Minnesota elements.

From brown to gold, and from natural cedar to redwood, you can choose the perfect color for your project. Ask us about color options, features and benefits.

Colors may vary depending on the type, age, and condition of wood. Please talk to an authorized Ready Seal dealer for specific details on how the wood type may affect final color. For additional information, please visit the Ready Seal FAQ page.

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